Monday, March 19, 2012



Your tea experiences begins the moment you arrive. Outside, a thermos of tea awaits, luring in passersby with warm herbal deliciousness on such a chilly early afternoon.  I was already intending on stopping in, but that tea out front was dash cunning and mighty persuasive.  Upon entering, you are offered a table and are presented the teas of the day on a crisp, white dish.  They look and smell amazing and serve as a comforting jumping off point for the indecisive tea drinker.  Although they were tempting, I was too excited by the two-sided tea menu jam-packed with antioxidant goodness in my hands to settle for an initial recommendation.  After a good five or six minutes, I had my list down to only a handful of choices which Scott and I discussed and narrowed down to two... Melon Berry Sencha Green Tea and Yoga Ayurvedic Health & Fitness Tea.

Out came the tea with two color-coded timers... Pink/Herbal, Green/Green.  I must say that I found these a particularly nice touch on their part.  The clear pots of tea were enormous and filled with loose leaves and spices floating away as they steeped into tea bliss.  The pots were fashioned with little clamps on the bottom that fit directly over the clear teacups that were provided and would release the tea into the teacups once locked into place.  A clever contraption if I do say so myself!  This allowed for the hot water to run one last time through the tea at the bottom of the pots and offered a spill-free carefully filled cup of fresh tea every time.  Again, I am MOST impressed.

  • Melon Berry Sencha (Green) -  a mixture of green tea, honey melon, and raspberry with a light fruity smell.  The melon taste is prominent with raspberry undertones whose flavor can be best brought out by a bit of agave.
  • Yoga (herbal) - listed under the category of "Ayurvedic Health & Fitness Teas" this herbal tea smells like apple cinnamon and is composed of a mixture of clove, cinnamon, and sage.  Surprisingly the cinnamon is not overpowering, but instead offers a spicy "holiday" feel to the taste.  All the spices are well blended and none outshine the rest on the palate.
  • Wise Soy Matcha Latte - warm, frothy, and good for the body... but toward the end of the cup the tea leaves became a bit of a nuisance because they were not finely ground into the powder that I had originally anticipated.  Overall the taste was VERY organic, natural, and "leafy green."
  • ABSURDITEA! MELON BERRY YOGA (my personal blend) - unintentionally, I created another "ABSURDITEA!" blend by not paying attention to which pot of tea I was pouring into my already somewhat filled glass.  Much to my surprise (and delight!) the ratio of 95% Melon Berry Sencha to %5 Yoga Tea turned out to be a mildly fruity spiced cup of deliciousness.

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